JBL 75 years

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JBL celebrates 75 years of audio excellence. Over the past 75 years, JBL has played a unique role in the history of music, with a special place at the very heart of epic events and pivotal moments – like Woodstock, the Grateful Dead Wall of Sound, and Tomorrowland – alongside some of the world’s greatest talent. JBL’s legacy of exceptional audio began in 1946 with its founder, James B. Lansing, an inspired engineer with a taste for innovation who dared to dream big. From movie theaters to sporting events, from jazz clubs to concert arenas, from record-setting portable speakers to game-changing headphones, JBL has consistently contributed to the evolution of audio reproduction in professional, home, automotive, multimedia applications, and connected technologies.

Today, JBL loudspeakers are used in more than half of the world’s movie theaters, sports stadiums, and music venues, and with well over 100 million portable speakers sold globally, JBL is the portable audio leader as well as the fastest-growing headphones brand on the planet.

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